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Canoeing for everyone is an experience that anyone who loves nature and water can try.

Canoe for families

No major physical effort is required, you don’t need to be a brave person. With this easy canoe tour route, the thrill of arriving in the historic city of Cividale is even greater because there is no technical difficulty to reach the destination.

“Is there a canoe route suitable for everyone?”.

If this is your question, now you found the solution.

“Canoe for everyone” is a canoeing experience for beginners. The tour doesn’t have any difficulty but it’s wonderful: you will discover the easiest part of Natisone’s canyon arriving to Cividale.

Another question you might ask is:

“Is there a canoe route that is also suitable for very young children?”.

This itinerary is the best to bring children with you. You will find blue lakes to refresh yourself, a lot of beaches to stop for a break and a fantastic landscape of Cividale city.


Canoa Cividale information

The Canoe for all experience is about 2 km long and takes place in the final stretch of the Cividale canyon. Here is some important information regarding the activity.



Easy canoe price List

Price for children and teenagers (6-18 years):
15 euros
It's all included.
Price for adults
20 euros
It's all included.
Price for groups
Groups over 10 people have 10% discount.
For special requests ask us.
  • For who:

    • Knowing how to swim is mandatory.
    • The minimum age to participate is 6 years.

    What you need:

    • Sneakers to get wet
    • Wet T-Shirt
    • Swimming suit
    • Dry replacement

The Canoe experience for everyone is therefore also suitable for beginners and for those who find themselves holding a paddle in their hand for the first time. It is therefore also ideal for families with children: in fact, that canoes are two-seater and children can paddle together with a parent.
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