How river trekking is born


River trekking is born from the desire to enhance places with naturalistic value while having fun. It is an easy sport, suitable for everyone. It’s different from canyoning which involves the use of ropes and climbing material and different from rafting which doesn’t involve contact with water.
River trekking is not just walking on the river’s edge but accompanying it and merging with its waters, sliding among the boulders, swimming in the deepest stretches, passing between rock bridges to reach otherwise inaccessible places. You can have fun diving from the banks and relax thanks to the life jacket that allows to stay safe during the 2 hours spent in water.
The equipment we supply is complete and safe because the neoprene materials guarantee the best possible comfort even for long stays in the river without suffering low temperatures.
Everyone can try river trekking and thanks to the numerous packages available each experience can be customized based on your needs. In our activities we try to combine fun and passion for nature with stories about the river and the valley to live a complete and intense experience. Through the tourism we can wake up our dozed wild side.