Great fun even for the little ones! Easy river trekking is also suitable for children and families: you can walk in the Natisone’s water without giving up the fun, with baths and dives in the wild nature.

We will start our day with a quick visit to the archaeological site of the shelter of Biarzo, a little rock cave overlooking the Natisone river.

It was a shelter for primitive men as evidenced by the findings of tools and fishing nets. Later the adventure will continue in the water, with the 2.5 km descent along the river to discover the hidden nature of the Natisone.

Recommended for those who love having fun in the water, alone or in company, even without great swimming experience, to try new and unusual activities.

Prices (to use neoprene socks, helmet, life jacket and accompaniment):

Workers: 32 euro

Students: 28 euro

Groups: > 9 persone 20 euro